Prest D Which switch(es) MC3 HXStomp

Hi all.
I’m pretty new to MIDI. I’ve managed to set up a couple of banks on my new MC3 to control my HX Stomp. It’s pretty cool! I’m currently trying to set up a bank to have a full functioned looper. I have done the following

switch A (rec/overdub
switch B (stop/play)
switch C (undo/redo)

I’d like to set the forward/reverse function and the half speed functions to engage with a long press on switch A and C.

I cannot figure out how to access switch combinations in the MIDI editor other than A, B and C.

In other words, I’m trying to set up preset D in my bank to be forward/reverse and Preset E to be half speed/full speed.

I know I’m likely missing something simple. Any help would be appreciated.

Presets D, E and F are access by toggle page, which means you need to toggle the page in the bank. To do so, you can either

  1. Program a preset to toggle the page i.e. use a Long Press action on Switch C, for example, to trigger the toggle page. You’ll need one on the 2nd page as well to toggle back to Page 1.
  2. Use an Aux Sw connected to the expression port to access Presets D, E and F.
  3. Use an Aux Sw connected to the expression port to trigger the toggle page function