Pressure sensitive expression

I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas on the best way to accomplish this.
I have a Morningstar midi box that takes several expression inputs and converts them to MIDI.
I’d like to mount a few pressure sensitive buttons on my guitar to create momentary expression controllers. I’ve rigged up a cruel one for now which is simply a potentiometer from an old expression pedal taped to the guitar and it, aside from it’s obtrusiveness, it works very well.
I’ve seen pressure sensitive resistors (see link) but I don’t know anything about what I’d need to do to wire them up so that they work as a pedal type expression control message.

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That’s a great concept , keep us posted if you have some breakthrough !

Add on : i’ll found some instructable with arduino : i think this is the best way , you simply want to transform this FSR to a Midi controller . There’s a lot a way to do that i think :

The bela guys have some touch sensitive devices intended to be used as music controllers: Trill touch sensors

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