Pressing a preset switch doesn't update the selected preset in the web editor

Just updated to 3.8.4 on a brand new MC8, and prior to the firmware update, I could tap a switch and the selected preset would load in the online midi editor. After the update, pressing a switch does nothing in the midi editor, I have to select the preset I want from the preset drop-down.

It might not be the firmware, that could be a coincidence, but would there be any other reason that the web midi editor is not responding to clicks?


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It’s working as intended. They changed it this way so that all the actions will perform in edit mode as they would upon exiting it. Some actions like Bank Jump wouldn’t work in edit mode and you had to exit to test them out.
It might take some getting use to, but it’ll be a lot more user friendly for new people that are still in Edit mode and can’t figure out why something isn’t working right for them.

Interesting, so the web editor will no longer load the presets you click on the device?

Do you know if there’s a way for me to subscribe to release notes for changes in the software?

Actually this is causing me some problems as I have an AUX pedal plugged into port 1 and used the editor to figure out which switch was triggering which preset but I only programmed 1 of the 3 buttons and now I don’t know what the other two map to, and if I add more how will I know what they are controlling.

Is there a simple workaround for this?

We’ve corresponded via email but I’ll just put this here as well for public info.

Yeah we do recognise this challenge (regarding the aux switch). We plan to implement a user selectable mode so they can chose between:


Puts your controller into Editor mode. Pressing a switch on your controller allows you to edit that switch. Some functions (eg. Bank Jump) are disabled when in Editor mode to ensure a smooth editing experience. Click ‘Disconnect Device’ to enable all functions.


Does not require your controller to be in Editor mode. Select the preset you want to edit using the Editor itself. All functions are always enabled without the need to disconnect device.

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