Presets Don't Engage When Using Custom Bank Sequence


I looked around for some solutions to my issue, but nothing that I’ve found in the forums have resolved what I’m seeing.

I am running my MC6 Pro 5-pin Midi Out to my Strymon Mobius 5-pin Midi In, out of that to the midi in of my Timeline, out of that into the midi in of my Big Sky, back to the midi in of my MC6 Pro. I am using an Audio Endeavors aux switch to scroll through my banks. The 1st TRS output of my aux switcher goes to Omniport 1, set to Ring, Tip, and Ring+Tip all banking up. The 2nd TRS ouput of my aux switch goes to Omniport 2, set to Ring, Tip, and Ring+Tip all banking down. I am running FW version 3.12.8 on my MC6 Pro, and have the latest FW builds installed on my Strymon pedals.

For some reason, when I use my custom bank sequence, when I bank up or down through those banks, the presets do not engage. In contrast, when I do not use my custom bank sequence, the presets engage as expected, upon entering any given bank.

Here is an example of how I have my banks set up (when I enter a bank, the shown preset in that bank is engaged):

Here is my custom bank sequence (of course when I try to use it, I make sure I have “Follow Custom Bank Sequence” selected, and I restart my MC6 Pro first):

Anyone have any clue how to get this fixed so my custom bank sequences engage presets upon entering a given bank the same way that they do when I use my normal banks?

If you need to engage the presets in the same bank, I would suggest using the Current Bank setting:

Selecting a bank number would currently engage the bank number (in your case, bank 14) in the Custom Bank Sequence. This is a bug, and it should be using the default bank sequence instead.

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Thanks James! This works perfectly! I feel a bit dumb for not realizing this function existed, but it works way better (i.e. at all) compared to what I was doing before. Appreciate the reply and resolution!