Preset Toggle and button action

Just checking functionality here.
If I turn on Toggle Mode in the editor and say turn on and off a specific delay preset with blinking set to show when the delay is activated that all works as expected. Note that all actions are on Release of button.

If I then add a long press action to the same button to, say, jump back to Home Bank, that long press action also seems to activate the toggle, even though the actual actions themselves are not activated, ie the blinking stops but the delay stays on.

The toggle seems therefore to be activated by a “hidden” press action, is this correct and presumably cannot be changed to release so it is not switched by a long press or double tap?

If I turn off the toggle mode and add a toggle preset message on release, all works fine.


Hi Philip!

Just sharing the reply I posted on Github as well:

Yes, the steps you specified are correct if you just want to toggle the preset with Release action.
You’ll need to add that toggle preset message with the selected action. We can’t change it to be release by default because that will break the workflows for other users

We can explore in the future the feasibility of changing the toggle On/Off to allow users to select certain actions that will toggle the preset.

Thanks James, that works fine and had already coded it!