Preset Toggle and bank change

Hello. Say I use a preset to send a CC message then pressed on position 1 and another on position 2 using Toggle Mode. If I exit the bank AFTER sending the first message (first press) and then re-enter the bank, the toggle status is “forgotten”. I.e., the preset returns to position 1 and in order to send message 2, I have to press twice the preset. This does not happen if I simply toggle page within the bank and return to the page where the preset is located.

Is there a way for my MC8 to “remember” the status of the toggle when exiting the bank?

I found one way to do this by assigning a group to the specific preset (Toggle Group 1, say). However I would like to do this even if I use “independent Toggle” as the groups are limited to 16.

Welcome! Easy…. Global controller settings.

  • Remember Toggle States : Whether to save the Preset toggle position in each bank, such that when you change bank, the Preset toggle positions will be where it last was. Turning this feature off will reset all the Preset Toggle positions to default (Pos 1) when the bank is changed.

Magic. It work like. charm. Thank you!