Preset scroll up and down- Impossible?

I just got an MC6 Pro and I’m having fun trying out all the new possibilities. I was using a MIDI Mouse before to simply scroll PC messages up and down but I figured the MC6 Pro could do so much more for me. Unfortunately, I am not able to figure out a way to do something that is really simple and other MIDI foot switches do by default.

I would like to simply use one switch to scroll UP through presets with each recalled preset name displayed somewhere AND THEN have another switch that scrolls back DOWN through those same presets.

I have figured out the message scroll feature with “engage preset” message and how to reverse the scroll direction with a different switch action but unfortunately that workflow will not work for me. I am a drummer using MC6 Pro to control devices, my foot space is taken up by drum pedals and I don’t have the foot aim to nail lots of different switches with lots of difference switch actions. I just need to quickly hit one switch to progress through the presets used in my songs and hit another to go back down in the case that I occasionally accidentally advance too far.

The message scroll feature is somewhat useful but it gets really hacky and tedious to start needing multiple message types to engage the press of another preset, then the release, then use a message to rename the preset so I can visibly see where I am, then I need a message to make the scroll do 3 messages at once. If my song has 10 different parts in it to recall 10 different presets, we’re looking at about 31 or so messages. It seems like an overly complicated work around to do something that is done simply with other MIDI footswitches. Additionally, having to add a message to rename the preset each time I scroll, just to have a visual indication of what I engaged and where I am seems a little hacky of a work around.

I have tried to use a trigger message on another switch to engage “Utility> Manage Preset Scroll> Reverse Direction Once and Execute” message on the preset with all my scroll messages to scroll back down but unfortunately this hangs the device and locks it in a loop of repeatedly sending that message and I have to reboot. I assume this is a bug?

It would seem like this feature to scroll up and down presets would be something simple that a lot of users would find helpful as most other MIDI switches already do it. I have read other posts in the forums of people asking for it. I fully expected that a device this powerful and this programmable would certainly have this feature but I’m a little confused and let down now.

I was about to suggest using a scroll counter but I think you won’t be able to see preset names. Depending on how many presets and what else you were planning on using the MC6Pro for, you could have each preset on it’s own bank and just use Preset A to go back a bank and Preset C to go forward. Then in Bank settings you could use On Enter Bank to trigger the Preset. Essentially you would just change banks and the presets would execute as the new bank loaded up. Very possible there’s a more streamlined way to do this I’m not thinking of at the moment.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I suppose that would be one possible way but if I had 10 or so presets in each song and 10-20 songs, it would be really inefficient to burn through all the banks by only using one preset in each bank.

Hi, I’d recommend to use an external footswitch like a boss fs7. It has two big buttons that are easy to aim at :slightly_smiling_face:

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The MC can probably do much more for you, but that’s part of the problem. It’s ‘open’ design allows you to taylor it to many different usecases. However the downside is that it isn’t plug and play. You’ll have to do some work to get it to fit your specific workflow. For me that’s part of the fun. Others might find it tedious. If you are willing to put some effort in I’d be happy to help.

Just some thoughts:
What about using an external fs like I’ve suggested. You could set it up to scroll up and down.
For you as a drummer it might be cool to display the presets on a tablet pc which could be mounted on a stand, might be possible to do that with some kind of spreadsheet software, the keystroke feature might come in handy for that.

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I have not figured out the reverse scroll or decrement feature. It works only as a secondary switch function on the preset with the message scroll but trying to make it work with a “trigger message” function on another switch causes the whole device to crash.

When i was using an MC3, i would use PC number scroll on one button. Press for increment and double tap to decrement.
I used it to scroll through Enzo and Raster V2 presets depending on the chosen bank.

I did it on one button because of the limited buttons on the MC3. It could just as well be two buttons. PC number scroll has to be set up in controller settings.

I did figure out how to do the PC scroll but if I’m stuck with that, it’s no better then the $100 Midi Mouse I have been using for years. The whole point of “upgrading” was to gain functionality.

I’m not really sure what you would like to do. It seemed like scrolling through presets was it.
I found it tedious and purchased the MC-6 pro. Now things are much easier for me.

The main issue for me is not being able to scroll backwards with another switch. Right now with the Midi Mouse, I sometimes advance too far into a song and need to move backwards. I thought I figured out a way by adding “Utility> Manage Preset Scroll> Reverse Direction Once and Execute” on the preset with the message scroll then on another switch, trigger that action with a “trigger message” but this causes the unit to crash. So I either need Morningstar to fix the bug, include a new “scroll preset” message or I need to buy another controller footswitch. I’m looking at the Source Audio Soleman now and it looks like it does what I need but in a somewhat more outdated way.

Might be a bug, might be something wrong with your programming. Would you mind to share some screenshots of your presets?
If it’s a bug it will be fixed soon.

Here are a few screenshots. First is the preset with the message scroll and the “Reverse Direction Once and Execute” message.
The second photo a separate preset I am using to try to use a trigger message.
The third photo is the log of the repeated messages sent out that crashes the device when trying to use the trigger message on the second preset.

I think the problem is the ‘trigger message’ action. Try ‘engage preset’ + ‘Preset L’ + ‘long press’ in preset K.
This might fix it for you.
But I think you are right that this is a bug. The MC shouldn’t hang because of this

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Thanks for the suggestion, that does actually work. I was trying to avoid having a long press action in there because I find that it causes a small delay in sending the messages. I assume this delay is the time spent waiting for each press to either be a long press or not. Previously I had the reverse message as “no action” so it was only there to be triggered remotely but I got the same hang bug result as before.

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I’m glad it works. You can set the time the controller waits to execute a long press in the controller settings iirc

I just realized that if I set both to “no action” it still works this way and then I don’t have the long press lag. Thanks for the help!

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I tried this myself (MC6 MKII), but using Trigger Messages to do all the commands on each Preset. What I noticed was that I can only “scroll” backwards, then I have to use the preset with the messages “Release” to trigger all the actions for each Preset in order to ‘select’ the preset I scrolled back to.

This is actually not entirely bad, as it helps keeping only one footswitch to do all the preset selection and the other to just rollback. But it is not ideal. So are there suggestions to make this work when the Presets you are scrolling forwards and backwards have more than one type of Action messages (e.g. Press, Release)? I am thankful for any ideas.