Preset Message Scroll Not Working


I’m having issues with getting Preset Message Scrolling working. Below is a screen shot of what I have. Note that I can manipulate the HX Stomp with CC values when using the Send Control Change Message when clicking on MSG.

It seems it’s an issue with that first preset bank. I’ve had issues only with that bank since I got the unit, however I thought I was good until now. I went over to bank 2 and created a new preset with no issues.

To try to resolve this I’ve completed a Factory Reset, and the first bank still gives me issues. Thoughts?

I don’t know what the ‘Preset Messages’ value shown for “CC Value” on Msg1 is? Shouldn’t that be a CC value 0-127 number?

You’re right, it should be. I don’t recall putting that in… and now that I’m looking at it again, there’s really no way to put that value in. That’s weird. I will say this, I retried the steps in James’s video about 10 or 15 times and for some reason it was just glitching in various ways.

And now when I went back to Bank1 to re-verify what you were asking about, the Preset Message Scrolling works! There is definitely something odd going on.

I think the take away is to restart the controller from time to time if things are getting a little quirky.

With all that said, I was able to utilize the Preset Message Scroll last night very effectively. While a little convoluted to setup(the way I did it at least), once completed, it very very powerful.

In short, I’m able to cycle through up to 5 sets of values for an effects block on the same switch using Preset Message Triggering. Short, medium, long, and insanely long and washed out values can be recalled for a single effect.

With each button press it also triggers a preset name change(Room, Air, Dwell, Space), instead of using numerical increments like in James’s video.

If I long press(because double tap is quirky for some reason), it turns off the effect.

I’m doing this for other aspects of the HX Stomp as well, like with the MIXER.

Glad it’s working! A couple of gotchas if you’re not aware…

Double Tap introduces a delay which is possibly what you saw: Action Type List