Preset colors and visual comfort

Here :point_down:t2: :point_down:t2: :point_down:t2: is a screenshot from my preset bank as it initially was (and work).

you will note that this preset was in “toggle mode” to deactivate / activate the OD-200.

If you are wondering why I needed to activate it with the “A” preset initially intended for the clean, the reason is very simple:

If I press this preset while another preset is selected I switch to clean (OD-200 off); ALWAYS.
But just turning it on and only turning it on automatically selects the last distortion used.

It was practical to go from clean (od-200 off) to the last distortion used with a single switch. So I could have:
clean - Lead - clean - lead etc…

here is my preset A in my bank with the following selection:

Same preset A, exactly, but in your bank:

Ok, you need to understand that you are trying to apply conditional logic to a system that’s not well suited for this. If you just paste a preset to a bank that has multiple presets with interdependent toggles it just won’t work. Everything will go out of sync and strange stuff happens.

Lets recap. The OD presets I programmed are working as you wish?
It’s just the Clean preset that isn’t working for you?
If so, please copy the preset A I’ve programmed. Then we work on the toggles to get the MC to do what it should. And only then we can tackle the OD side of things. This is important because otherwise we won’t get anywhere.

Yes… Your OD presets work exactly as they should.
And yes, it’s only the clean that’s the problem now.
I have copie your preset A too

I’ll have some time tomorrow. I’m going to set up a new preset A for you
If I understand you correctly you want to have the preset A to toggle the OD off and on again?
If so, note that there is no way to give you a visual feedback to tell which OD preset is active

OK. In any case, the last active distortion should be (if my logic is correct) still displayed by the background of this one because preset A only switches the OD-200 to On-off mode.

And in the worst case, if it doesn’t work as desired, we program the preset A so that its ONLY function is to turn off the OD-200. At that moment, too bad for the ON-OFF.

Thanks you in avance

I believe I have it working. I couldn’t make the Clean preset work like you wanted.
But I might have found a way to keep the functionality. I color coded the presets. The middle strip will change to the color that fits the active preset if you engage the Clean preset.

Please copy the WHOLE bank and test it. I reworked every preset.
The toggles are working and sending out the midi messages I’d expect. If the OD doesn’t behave like it should, I got something wrong about how the OD is working. Then we’ll have to work out how the OD responds to midi.

If you don’t like the color coding idea at all we could change that. But I couldn’t think of a better way to implement the information which preset is active when you press the Clean switch. You might have to live without this function then.

Morningstar_MC6PRO_Bank_Backup_Test Color Code_20240125_124121.json (89.1 KB)


@GuitarWolf the GOAT!

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Hello, I tested your bank.
Well, I admit that this rainbow of colors stung my eyes but I made some changes, and in the end I realized that all these colors were useless.

I must have left your bank as you programmed it but I copied it and made changes…it was there, little by little, that I realized that I could make things simpler.

In all that, it works for the moment on everything you have programmed in your bank…
I still have to add my preset F (reverb) tomorrow, hoping that it won’t cause a mess.

I’ll let you watch the result:

I will still have one or two questions tomorrow evening because I admit that if you hadn’t been there I would never have gotten through it. No way.
I don’t know if you work for morningstar or if you’re just an avid user, but in any case, on this one you are clearly my savior.

I don’t think you have any idea how saving your behavior is.
In a world where individualism reigns, there remain people who are dedicated, concerned, and loving a well done job…and this is becoming so rare that it must be emphasized.

1000 Thanks. :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

I live in France and work in Germany. Near me there are Luxembourg and Belgium. 4 Countries then.
I said to my wife:
“we must say things as they are, the Americans are a people who still know what “mutual aid” means


I didn’t like it either

No, I don’t work for Morningstar and I don’t know how to put it but I’m born and raised in germany (which would explain my bad english).

I’m glad that you’ve reached your goal and thanks for your kind words.

I like that riff by the way, I’m gonna steal it :wink:

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Hey Wolf and Miguelito great job thanks a lot, you helped me achieve what i wanted from this controller.
In this uptated version i let you a variation that introduces a third PC number that cam be activated with a double tap, unfortunatelly the double tap only works on active preset and an update of the software would be required to make this work seemesly.

it seems like as new user i cant upload files :melting_face:

Oh it seems like i can add files now!, finally i made the preset it as i wished, with this Updated version you can:

Access color matching A and B presets
Access a C preset with double tap from any position

i can upload an explicative video if someone is interested.

@GuitarWolf @Miguelito you rule guys.

Morningstar_MC6PRO_Bank_Backup_Home.json (89.1 KB)

Hey thanks for your answer.
I willl take a look on your Presets tomorrow.

Hello Cesare,
I have downloaded your bank and done some test. I will need your help for achieve something special. is this possible?

Thanks in advance