Preset colors and visual comfort


Would it be possible to include an option?

The possibility of including colors is just fantastic, but there would be the possibility of including an additional option, which in my specific case would give me great comfort.

As you can see in this video, I have a black background around my OD-200 distortions. This is exactly how I want it. Perfect.

Then I select an OD-200 preset (for example “Lead”). It will be surrounded by an orange background. Perfect; that’s exactly how I want it.

Where it gets complicated is if I activate the boost on this same preset. at this moment the yellow background disappears and I find myself, distortion on with no visual cue of the selected preset except in the left screen in the middle which tells me which preset is active.

What would be great is to be able to leave the yellow background only on the active preset, boost activated or not. Only the name tells me in what position I find myself.

example 1:

Preset 1: clean active (od-200 off) = background of all OD-200 overdrive presets in black.
I know exactly that I’m clean, I know exactly where I am. Excellent.

example 2:

I go from “clean” to for example “Lead”. the orange background is active.
We have a good visual cue. We therefore know that the clean (preset 1) is white and that the yellow (preset 2) is lit and therefore is selected. Perfect.

example 3:

I go from preset 2 to the boost of the same preset 2.

I would like the background to remain yellow but just the name to change (for example “solo” when boost on and lead when boost off. That would be perfect.

The problem at the moment is that if I want the background to stay on while activating the boost, I have to do it for all the Overdrive presets of the OD-200…and there that is. it no longer has any interest; the goal being to have the background lit ONLY on the active preset and off if it is inactive, and not all the time.

Would it be possible to add an option 3 called “toggle color” or “preset switch colors” dedicated to this type of case?

Do you know what i mean ?

I think you can use the shift state for that. I kinda have the same setup.
Use “release” for activating OD-1 and use “Long press” for getting the footswitch in the shift state and sending the right messages to activate the boost.

When in the shift state. Make a “press” action to disengage the shift state and to send the messages (1,2,3 etc.) again for the sound u want to achieve with OD-1.

It’s kinda complex at first. Maybe I can make some screenshots from my setup in the next days. I have like 10-20 messages to achieve this haha.

Conclusion, it is possible what u want.

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I admit that that would be great if you cando that, or a video. I’m going to look into the shift state…I’m progressing step by step in the world of midi. But I also admit that your explanation, for the moment I haven’t understood anything. I have to try to see what you mean I think

Can you share the backup file for this bank?

Sounds like you can use Shift like @BigSky mentioned - I’ll need to see how you have programmed it first and I should be able to send you back an edited version of your bank file…

OK Thanks.
i’ have made a copy of my bank so i can made tests without delete the oroginal.
It’s only about the boss OD-200 as you can see in the video
2 other effects are include in this bank, the source audio ventris and the walrus Audio M1.
These 2 are not problematic.

thank you :blush:
Morningstar_MC6PRO_Bank_Backup_test bank 1_20240115_111756.json (89.0 KB)

Hello James, Have you had time to look into my problem?

could you tell me more, what i try doesn’t work :thinking:

it’s possible to have it working like you want if you follow these steps.
For this I’ll use your preset B (OD1) as an example.

  1. Deactivate ‘toggle mode’
  2. Program a preset to send a PC# to your OD (press/pc#/pos1)
  3. Program a ‘toggle preset’ message in position 1 (press/toggle preset/pos1)
  4. Program the CC to activate the boost in position 2 (press/CC/pos2)
  5. Program a ‘set toggle’ in position 2 to activate the ‘shift’ state (press/shift/presetB/pos2)
  6. Program the CC to deactivate the boost in position shift (press/CC/pos shift)

Now you can edit the box for the shift state at the top of the preset screen in the editor to show what you would like to see if the boost is active


Just managed to work on this. Thanks @GuitarWolf

Here’s the example preset file for Preset B based on the file you shared.
preset_B_data.json (3.1 KB)

@GuitarWolf @james

You offered me 2 different ways.
First of all, thank you. It’s really nice. The problem is that it only half works. I created a “Wolf” bank and a “James” bank with your settings, to test the 2 offered solutions which are also very different :blush:
I copied the Wolf guitar preset into the other presets of the bank taking care to check the correct preset message in shift state A, B, C etc…
The same for the James bank.

i will show you that (sorry for my bad englisch):

@GuitarWolf preset video:

@james preset video:

What I would like is for only one background to be lit to really see which preset is active.

when the preset is active, boost or not, whether the background is on. It should not be off as long as I stay on this preset. On the other hand, it should turn off as soon as I switch to another preset, that’s what I’m trying to do.
But maybe that’s not possible?

(If we manage to resolve the problem or find the solution, I may have one or two questions.)

You should enable ‘clear preset toggles’ in bank settings. This will reset every preset when engaging a new preset.
There are other ways to manage the toggle states of your presets, if you want to exclude specific preset from this (for example the Reverb). But that’s a different problem. For now ‘clear preset toggles’ should work for you.

I assumed that the OD’s boost is off by default when you recall a preset on the OD.
What I’ve suggested was ment to engage a preset of the OD on first button press, without boost.
Engage the boost on second press, and disengage the boost on third press.

Do you want to have the boost activated when recalling a preset?

I think your settings on the OD itself are odd, would you mind to share the midi settings of your OD?

Hello. I’m in Europe at work at this time. When I go home Late this night i’ll take a Look on that (clear preset toggle etc…)

The preset have to be with boost off (for the moment,… I will see What i want later).
But for the moment It’s important that my choice are programmable, that What i programmed work.

Hello, when you talk about the midi settings of my OD, are you talking about the boss OD 200 pedal or the settings relating to it in the editor?

here is a screenshot concerning the OD 200 in the editor.
It’s your bankthe giutar wolf bank with the settings you’ve suggest.

Hello, I activated “clear all preset toggles ON” in the bank. It doesn’t change anything.

The first thing I note is that the first press on the switch does not cause the pedal to be turned on without boost. It happens that during the first press, the boost is turned on.

I noticed right now that during the first press the boost is on.
if I go from one preset to another, the background remains illuminated. If the boost is in the OFF position then only the selected preset has the background illuminated (as I wish).

The problem is that I don’t understand the logic of shift state. I am unable to describe how it works. If I were to manage to adjust my pedal as I wish, it would be pure chance.

That is likely because how the OD is set up on the pedal itself. Did you save the preset with boost on to the pedal? Would it change if you saved it with boost off? If this can’t be changed on the OD 200 you could add a message to deactivate the boost to your MC’s preset. I’d try to add this after the pc message.

Note that the OD will TOGGLE the boost if you use the CC# that’s assigned to the memory/boost switch. I’d recommend to use the CC# that is assigned to ‘boost on/off’

I’d double check on the OD if the CC# is correct.

The second press shouldn’t deactivate the boost since the CC value is set to 127. Either the OD is toggeling the boost regardless of the value or you’ve accidently programmed the shift message to pos 1. I can’t see how the text changes in the video because of the quality. I’d try to work with plain text for the short, toggle and shift name to analyze what is happening here

Ok, apparently the ‘clear preset toggle’ setting doesn’t work on shifted presets.
I’m sorry for the confusion, that’s my mistake.
You could add a ‘set toggle’ + ‘unshift’ message type paired with a ‘press’ action in ‘pos1’ to each of your presets. This should reset the other presets to pos 1 when you first engage a preset. This message has to be placed before the ‘toggle preset’ or it can’t be triggered

‘Shift’ is a third position a preset can be set to. What’s special about the shift state is that the preset will revert to the position in which the preset had been in when you shifted the preset after you press the switch. If you are in position 1 and shift the preset a footswitch press will take the preset back to position 1 after the messages you’ve programmed with ‘pos shift’ have been executed. If you came from position 2 the preset will go back to position 2

Things got complicated :roll_eyes:. Don’t give up I think we are close to a solution


Hi, sorry for not responding anymore. Didn’t had the time.
Here I share my bank preset with you. I hope you understand this.
Footswitch A / B / C / D are ‘connected’ to another. So 1 at a time can be active.
“Press/Release” a footswitch for preset 1 within a footswitch and “Long Press” a footswitch for preset 2 within a footswitch. So like this u have 8 presets within this bank.
Morningstar_MC6PRO_Bank_Backup__x PEDALBOARD_20240120_154808.json (89.2 KB)

Hello @GuitarWolf @BigSky
At first thank you fit the time you spend to my problem.

I will try this later or tomorrow.
It’s a lot to understand, and a lot of questions.

It’s much more complicated that I expected…

If I save an OD-200 preset in boost-ON position then yes it will be saved as such. I did the test by switching from one OD-200 preset to another with the preset selection button.
Of course, if I select the preset with the MC6pro then the settings saved in the editor will prevail.
Basically, it doesn’t matter how the OD-200 preset is saved (boost on or off) ; it’s what I programmed in the editor that will prevail