Preset Blink on both Toggle states

Hi Jason,

Using Toggle Mode and Preset Blink, is there a way to make the text blink on both position 1 and 2?

Use case: D, E and F all toggle different Expression messages, in different pedals.
Preset D does drive amount in pedal 1+2.
Preset E does delay mix/fdbk pedals 3+4
Preset E does decayTM/mix in pedal 5+6.

I want the blinking to tell me what pedal the exp is controlling, and therefore I need both toggle states on MC6 to blink.

Is this possible, please?


I think I need to better understand this use case. If D, E and F are blinking permanently, what different signal does it show as compared to all 3 not blinking? Can you share with me a screenshot of the editor for those presets so I can have a better understanding?

Of course! Not at right now though.

I should also say I am using the Set Toggle so that when I press one of D, E or F, the others of D, E and F stop blinking.

So, this photo shows my preset D settings. When I hit the switch, it changes name to DRV 2 and starts blinking. Now I can control a set of CC parameters in drive pedal 2 by stepping on my exp pedal. All good.

Hit switch D again, and name changes to DRV 2, and when I now step on my exp pedal, it no longer controls parameters in drive pedal 1, rather now it controls parameters in drive pedal 2. That is all good. The problem is that the letters on the display has stopped blinking.

Now, I have similar dual functionalities set up for preset E and F as well. And whenever I would hit switch E, if D or F was blinking they would now stop that, and E will (of course) be the one blinking.

So: Is it possible to make both states of a preset blink?