Preamp MKII settings on MC8

Hi, I’m new here and not particularly tech savvy. I want to start with something simple by saving my Preamp MKII settings on the MC8. Is there a video other than the Morningstar YouTube page that goes through this? I somehow got one to save out of nothing more than getting lucky. I tried repeating that process and got nowhere. Any help would be great. I have 9 MKII presets I want to load into the MC8 and I’m certain I’m making it more difficult than it should be. Thanks!

Hi. You don’t actually load Preamp MkII presets into the MC8. You save them on the Preamp MkII itself and then recall them using the MC8. You just need to follow exactly the instructions at this video time stamp and you will be able to achieve what you want:

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Thanks Brandon. I followed those instructions yesterday and the unit did nothing. I bought the MC8 used so I wonder if there’s something in the old settings preventing the message from getting through. I’ll do a deeper dive tonight.

Best to perform a factory reset when you first receive a pre-owned unit - MC8 User Manual (Firmware v3.10)

If you are new to MIDI, these 2 videos would helpful to you: The ABSOLUTE Beginner's Guide to Pedalboard MIDI - YouTube and Setting Up a MIDI Pedalboard - Ins and Outs - YouTube

Thank you. I’ll give them a watch.

I tried doing a factory reset and followed the direction in the video exactly as laid out (even doing the same save PC 10 to MIDI channel 2) and they’re still not talking. I’m using an older firmware that says it’s matched up (3.9.7). I was having issues downloading the new firmware so I’ll try it on another machine.

Can you post a screenshot of the preset in the editor?

This would be for preset 5 (or 15 on the global chart) of the red bank on the MKII going to MIDI channel 2 as suggested by Morningstar. I am either not doing this part correctly or I have an MKII that needs repair. I bought it used but allegedly in mint condition.

You have to make sure, that the midi channel on which the mc sends is the same as your preamp recieves messages on. Check the manual of your preamp on how to set this up.

If you bought it used then it might be set to a different MIDI channel.

Thanks, everybody. I appreciate the tips and feedback. With both units being used I had to do a reset of sorts on both. The final straw was getting the preamp midi channel correct and it now works. Wow! Tremendous


I have this same unit. The factory set midi channel is 2 on the PreAmp MKII. once you set that up, it should work perfectly. Hope that helps.