Power Question MC6 Pro

Hi Guys,

This is likely a dumb question but I would rather be safe than sorry, and don’t want to experiment and do damage.


I have been powering the MC6 pro via a USB bus power and now connecting via 9V DC in a pedalboard
It is in my studio and I want to also have my computer connected to control logic
can I have both device USB and 9V DC Power connected at the same time without any issu?
Reason for wanting this is there will be times my computer won’t be available
And I would rather leave everything prewuted

Many thanks

I have both attached on my MC8 with no issues. I assume that they are diode isolated.

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Thanks @LeeMo appreciate the reply

I have the MC6 MKII (not the pro) in the same setup you described without issues.

Thanks so much @trevorbeingtrevor

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