Power FROM USB-B - MC6

Quick question: I’m about to receive a Widi uHost, and in the interest of minimizing cable runs, I’d like to know if the USB-B on an MC6 can power the uHost (assuming, of course, the MC6 is plugged into 9v power).
Alternatively, does the uHost pass power thru, i.e., if I have the uHost plugged into the USB port on a Cioks DC7, will the 5v power pass thru to the MC6.

Either way will save me a power port. Dang board keeps growing! :smiley:

The MC6 USB port is a USB device port, so it can’t provide power to connected USB hosts. But you can power the uHost and when you connect it to the MC6, it will be powered.

Thanks James,

Can confirm, power does pass thru the uHost to power the MC6.

Board is getting slicker every day! Using GoButton and TouchOSC on an iPad mini to both send and receive messages to/from all my midi pedals. Triggering backing tracks, modifying C4 and E3 patches all in real time. Very sweet!