Power from Powerbank - Keeps turning off

I have an MC6 that I’m using as a fancy wireless foot controller to send midi commands to my rack mixer. That works well, and I’m presently using an external 9v battery in a little enclosure to provide power but I’d much rather be using a power bank instead, just so I can recharge instead of stocking up on batteries.

I have tried two power banks to power the MC6 over USB, but both times it turns off after 30 seconds or so. I suspect this is because it doesnt pull enough power, so the power banks just auto turn off.

Can someone suggest how to get my MC6 to play nice with the power banks?

Welcome! You need at least 120mA to power the MC6… https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MMS/pages/929988624/MC6+MkII+User+Manual+Firmware+3.9#Power-Requirements

I think I’m having the opposite problem - The power banks can supply up to 2 amps from their USB A. When I plug the controller in it starts up and operates correctly but then both of the power banks shut off. If I wasnt getting enough power to the controller, it shouldnt work, surely? And I very much doubt 100ma is shutting the power banks down from too much draw!

Ah right enough, my bad - I speed read! Yes I suspect you’re right, sadly. No idea how to fix that though :unamused:

For the sake of posterity, just in case anyone else has a similar problem - I solved this by using a USB to 9v adapter cable. I was concerned that the power draw would still be too low, but it seems to run just fine this way.

I think that the USB power problem had some additional cause - Perhaps the power bank just isnt getting the response is expects to say that it is charging?

If you do still have problems with low power draw this way, at least you have options to increase the power you are drawing. For example, you can get pedalboard lights and attach them to the same 9v cable and they tend to take a good 150ma of current. Obviously not ideal to consume more power, but it is a harmless enough addition that should be plenty enough to ensure the power stays on.

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