Possible to execute Preset by outside Midi?

Hey everyone!

I use the MC6 Pro to control Ableton.

Is it possible to send Midi from Ableton to the MC6 in order to execute a preset that than controls Ableton again?

I use follow actions to go through parts of my songs I would like a MidiClip that tell the MC6 to
execute a preset that sets off a number of other presets that stop multiple loopers/change parameters of Ableton.

Cheers and thank you for helping.

Yes, that is possible. The MC6 PRO responds to external MIDI as documented in its manual here: MC6 PRO

You can use CC messages to engage MC6 PRO presets that you have programmed to control Ableton.

Thank you so much Im obviously a beginner and get really lost in all the possibilites.

Thank you!