Possible bug, visuals of toggle presets get messed up with secondary double tap function

I got one bank in the MC6pro set up as stompbox mode, mainly controlling the ML10x, but also doing switching some amp functionality. Great for some spontaneous jams in a pr programmed midi world.

At the moment, this bank consists of two pages. Each presets toggles an effect. Additionally, preset buttons B and C are used to switch between the two pages, by double tapping. However something goes wrong here.

When I double tab the preset switch C, I am indeed sent to page 2. Also if I go back to page 1 by double tapping preset switch B, I am sent back to page 1 as intended. However, the visuals of preset C are set to its toggled state. The preset did not actually change, but only the visuals in the MC6pro, nothing is changed in the effects or amp. Similarly, if I now go back to page two, I also see that preset B is visually in its toggled state.

All the other presets that are not programmed to have a secondary function remain in the correct state. It seems that by using the double tap function of the presets, the presets are visually toggled.

Reading through some other threads, I found that the toggle mode causes this issue. I turned of toggle mode for the switches involved and replaced it with a toggle preset message. This solves the issue.

Exactly the right approach, here’s the manual page covering it (better late than never!)

Also, if you’re not familiar worth understanding how different actions co-exist on the same switch: Action Type List

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