Pops when switching on and off loops

Has anyone had any issues with the pops when switching on and off loops? It does it even with loops that have nothing plugged in.

Is there any pedals connected before the ML5? or is it direct to guitar?

Hi James,

It’s in the loop of a hx effects

Just to troubleshoot, if you connect directly from guitar to ML5 to amp, does the popping still occur?

Hi James

Just checked and it’s doing the same thing.

Thanks for the update. Are the pickups you are using active pickups?

The audio signal into the ML5 doesn’t touch any active components and is hardwired true bypass, so I’m just trying to identify the source of the issue. There might be a DC leak in the audio signal.

Hi James,

Just normal single coils and humbuckers, it does it as well with no guitar connected, I’m using a Strymon ojai and usually the ml5 is daisy chained to a couple of outputs but I tried using an isolated output just for the ml5 and it still pops. interestingly it makes the pop even if I activate a loop that is empty and is perfectly timed with the relay click you can hear coming from the device itself

Thanks for the info. Don’t think I’ve seen this behaviour before. Can you drop us an email and share with us a video of this to verify? And also your order ID and serial number if you purchased directly from us so I can check on the warranty.