Poly Effects - Digit and Beebo

I recently purchased an MC8 that I’m using with a Poly Beebo, primarily on the Loopler looping module right now. Curious if any others here are using a Morningstar controller with a Poly Digit or Beebo, to share tips and tricks.

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Hey Mike! Only thing I can share so far is the fact that the Beebo has been quite buggy for me, and seems to not respond as well as hoped to commands from my MC8. An example: I have my MC8 setup to switch between compression modes on my Jackson Audio Bloom, and for some reason triggering one of the modes has seemingly put the Beebo in bypass(this happened at a gig :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:). Those two effects are on different midi channels, so I still haven’t been able to figure that one out. Could be user error, idk. The endless possibilities of the Beebo make it endlessly complex.

I will share what I know once I have a better grasp on how these two units interact. If you find time to do the same, don’t hesitate to share your knowledge!

Right now I’m only using the MC8 to control the Beebo, mainly just the Loopler module, so I haven’t run into any of those mutli pedal signal bugs. I do plan to eventually run the MC8 to my H9, Volante, and other midi pedals I have. I be sure to watch out for conflicts like that.

The Beebo is cool because it can do so much, but also intimidating and frustrating for the same reason. The way it learns midi signals is convenient, but it’s a bit of a black box. I wish it also had a way to to see and manually configure midi mappings too. That might help debug conflicts like the ones you’re having. It could really benefit from a remote wifi app like the H9 has.


Agreed. One of the main draws for me was that it has actual convolution reverbs, and a lot of them. No other pedal on the market is doing convolution wet effects except the Logidy EPSi, which is no longer made, and even if I could get my hands on one, it has no midi capability. It’s odd that convolution and IR tech has completely changed the game for recording, but pedal manufacturers are still only making making algorithmic wet effects, but I digress.

The Poly wet effects are incredible, but having to design your own parametric controls for each reverb is a huge pain.

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Hi, I also have a beebo and a mc8.
A tutorial how to program mc8 for beebo would be great.
I still have not found out how to mute a effect with mc8.
Midi connection is only working over usb. … do you have the same experience?
Is there a possibility to expand looping time over 40 seconds?

In the end this could be a phantastic all in one solution.


Cool! I’m planning on getting a MC6 or MC8 to control the loopler, I think like this. Interested to know how youre is set up.

Example scenario: 3 loops, each controlled by its own dedicated pair of footswitches.

////////// MIDI footswitch A //////////
tap: Toggles recording on/off
double-tap: Toggles overdub on/off

////////// MIDI footswitch B //////////
tap: Toggles playback on/off
double-tap: Toggles reverse

It’s simple and enables instant intuitive use, rather than having to select a loop to make it active/current before choosing a command.

Con = might slip when doing a double-tap, do a single tap instead and lose your loop

Note of caution: “If a Preset is programmed with a Double Tap, there will be a slight delay in sending out messages programmed with other actions such as Press, as the controller needs to determine if a double tap action has been executed.”


To be fair I don’t have midi loopers in my setup so no idea if this is an issue in practice!

But what you could do is use toggle mode to get both actions on press.

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To the comment by @moley6knipe - that is true, latency is a concern with looping. I run my MC8 in looper mode, which means essentially no latency. The downside is you can’t use double tap events or others that depend on a time interval to trigger. I actually program switch 8 to toggle loop mode on and off. I turn it off to be able to page between settings 1-8 and 9-16, because two switch events don’t function in loop mode.

Most of my program changes are targeted at the selected loop, and I do loop selection via the BeeBo tap screen. That’s because sometimes I have just 1 loop, other times I might have 5 or more. I use the 3 switches on the Beebo for undo, redo, and cancel. That way those are always available regardless of which page is active on the MC8.

thanks @moley6knipe and @mikemyles . This is very useful to know.
I may have to rethink as I need to be 100% hands-free so I’m not keen on selecting a current loop Toggling between modes would get me down too, I think.
I might have to investigate something like the nektar pacer where yoy can have sequences of keypresses. hmm…

Getting the assignments to work right with the way the Beebo can have one to many (up to 10+) loops that can be dynamically added or removed may be difficult to accomplish. There may be a way to create and select the active loop via the MC8, but I haven’t tried. I found midi assignments on the Beebo can take quite a bit of trial and error to get right, and I’m sure it has midi capabilities I don’t know about. Documentation on the MC8 is super clear and comprehensive. Beebo’s a bit more wild-west.

One upside with having 3, 4 or more loops active is finding a moment to stop playing and make changes on the Beebo touchscreen is not a problem. I do quite a bit that’s just modifying the loops on the Beebo once they are recorded. I may have significant stretches where I’m not playing new material, but tweaking what I already laid down.

Good point. I’ve been doing 6 channel looping on my TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2 with their switch-6 footswitch. I spend the second half of every song just muting, unmuting, reversing and filtering loops! :joy:

update: I got the MC8 in the end. I love it! Here’s a video of what I’m doing with the MC8 and Beebo Looper module.


Hi all!
I have a Poly Beebo and a MC6 to control it and trying to use Loopler got me a strange behaviour.
I have configured the MC6 more or less in the same way shown in this video:
Shift state → REC
Pos1 → PLAY

The problem is that when i use the MC6 alone the preset trigger only the TRIGGER button on the Beebo, while if I connect the MC6 to the PC and connect it to the editor interface all works fine and as expected. Furthermore when the TRIGGER button on the Beebo is triggered in the first scenario it plays a very short loop (less than 1s I guess) but before I record anything, so what is it playing?

Did anyone exxperienced a similar problem? Do you have any suggestion?
Due to the nature of the problem it doesn’t seem to me it is a programming problem, but never say never…

I solved the problem deleting

I really don’t know how this solve the different behaviour I see when the MC6 is pluggen or unplugged to the PC via USB, but now it works.

Just got my Beebo yesterday. First chance to try it will be tomorrow. Anyone try it with Vocal recording? Mixbus? I plan to use it for recording guitar, synth, maybe bass, and hopefully Vocals and Mixbus.

I have a Lexicon pcm92, which is excellent, but the Beebo seems more immediate which lots of variations.