"Please select a preset first" message in editor

it is happening both in chrome and standalone app.
When i press the save preset button i get this message:

Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?

You’re using the Demo mode in the editor. You should be selecting a device/port instead if you have a MC connected to your computer.

I have an MC6 Pro arriving soon and was hoping to begin making presets for it. Is this not possible?

You should use the setlist manager instead:

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You can use Demo mode and still save the preset to a file. Then when it arrives all you have to do is load the files in. That’s what I did when I was waiting.

@james I was going to report the same issue with Demo mode. It appears to forget what bank it’s in after you make the first preset. Is Demo mode no longer supported?

Use the Setlist manager if you want to create backup files offline.

The demo mode was really just to let non-MC users view the editor. It does not store any data when you switch banks.

Gotcha. In that case I would suggest deprecating the editor, because it starts giving that error message almost immediately and you can’t actually evaluate the functionality as a result.

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll probably remove that notification in Demo mode, so it doesn’t cause any confusion.