Please help! NEW TO THIS!

So I am new to this and everything seemed to be going smoothly but as I was setting up presets I noticed that if I tried to recall a preset the mc8 continues to automatically jump to the next bank and doesn’t let me set up my presets. What can I do?

Didn’t understand what you mean. Must be more specific.

  • You use firmware version 3.8.4
  • Connect the controler to your comnputer directly using a USB cable
  • You start the web device editor and select to connect to your MC8 device
  • You program preset A of bank 1 to send a CC message to your pedal/looper
  • You save it to your MC8 device
  • You press A button on bank 1 of MC8 and it jumps to bank 2
    Am I describing your problem correctly? If not tell me what’s different.

I could have definitely explained it better.

So I set up the chase bliss: bliss factory on channel 1. Than in bank 3 preset f, I set it to send cc message 102 with a value of 4 and program change 3 on the first position and than for position 2 I sent cc message 102 with a value of 0 in hopes of being able to turn the pedal off and on with that particular preset which hasn’t been saved yet. And it’s my understanding that you need to send the chase bliss pedal a program change while holding down both foot switches on the pedal itself to save a preset that I like onto whatever program change message I want to save it on. But instead when I send program change 3 and cc message 102 value 4 and hold down both foot switches on the chase bliss unit it jumps to bank 4 preset f. I tried to repeat this on bank 4 preset f just to see what happens and it jumps to bank 13 preset f and not allowing me to save the preset.
Hope that is a little more clear
Thank you so much.
Ps I am on current firmware version

Hello @Beckmadamoq. Sorry but I though that this was just a Morningstar control problem but it there are some Chase Bliss specific questions that I’m not confortable to answer because I don’t have that pedal. I advise you to put this question on Morningstar/Chase Bliss threath here

to get better help.