Please add a comment field to, well, everywhere ^_^

I don’t know what your memory constraints are on the MLs, but if you’re using some sort of struct-based data structure for configuration storage on the controller (e.g., a JSON dict), then maybe you could squeeze in comments. This just occurred to me as I was reading about the new shift/toggle feature in the latest beta; as I was thinking through all of the ways that I could use this functionality, I realized that all of my triggers and PC/CC messages would quickly get confusing. And since what we’re all doing is programming these midi controllers, having the ability to “comment our code” as it were would be amazing.


thanks for the suggestion - there is indeed a memory constraint. We can explore the possibility of this in the future - but data needs to be stored locally in the editor.

As we use chrome, may be a sticker system based on computer local storage could be used.
I see that MOD Devices recently add this feature to their pedals editor where the UI runs on a browser.

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