Playing backtracks with MC8 help

I recently bought an MC8, which I use with ADAM (Darkglass). I want to turn on/off backtracks on my PC.
Is there a solution to choose the sample and play it while playing using the MC8?
Thank you for any ideas, solutions, or opinions.

Dani P.

Hi! So you’ll need a way to get midi signal from the mc to the laptop. USB cable direct into the laptop would seem favourite.

Thereafter, you need to know what PC, CC etc midi commands to send to the app running on your laptop. What software are you using, and does it have a midi implementation guide?

If so post a link and we can suggest some stuff!

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I don’t have specific software, in fact, I don’t have any, I’m looking for a solution to manipulate the backing tracks on a PC using the MC8 while playing.

Thank you.

I’d use a DAW like Reaper, and control it by keystrokes from the MC.

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Can you set for example:
Scene1 = song 1
Preset A - sample 1 on/off
Preste B - Sample 2 on/off
And so on for each song…
I am familiar with Reaper but no experience with midi.
Thank tou

I don’t know. You can definetly start/stop a track in Reaper. To trigger sample sounds you would need a plugin. Maybe Kontakt 6 by Nativ Instruments could do this

If you google ‘reaper shortcuts’ you’ll get a list of what Reaper can do by using keystrokes.

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