Planning Strategies

Can we have a new Category called “Planning Stategies” where users can share how they plan and implement their ideas on using their controllers in various situations ?


Great idea. There could be different, searchable threads on waveform generator, sequencer, etc.

Sure, thanks for the suggestion. Will add it in

Don’t know how relevant this is but it would nice to have some sort of planning website so you can flowchart or diagram your layout.

Atm I have to sketch out on notebook where everything is lion king and what it’s doing.

Not sure how feasible it would be to design something as simple as a web based equivalent of pencil and paper.

Lots of drop downs and menus and so much capability that it’s overwhelming going in without a predetermined plan

I have also posted a feature request for a virtual machine - to emulate the various controllers - much like the Strymon Nixie app.

  • this would be AWESOME for testing and make the editor WORLD CLASS!!

One strategy I am using is to have a “config” page on bank 30.
This will have various CC or PC or Expression CC messages on the switches.
It serves as a known destination where I can configure all of my “global” processes.

On my MC8, in bank 30, I put one toggle preset for each of my MIDI enabled FX stomp boxes.
Discrete switches to engage / bypass each FX pedal individually.
Also a single ‘Dry/Wet’ switch - which engages / bypasses ALL of the MIDI FX stomp boxes with one switch.
I might also add a switch to “Jump Home” - whichever that bank may be…
And a ‘one stop shop’ for my Expression Pedal presets etc etc etc

The benefits of doing it this way are many:

*You can use the “engage preset” action from any other bank to do repetitive tasks…
*If banks are changed further down the line - you only have to change ONE MC8 PRESET on Bank 30 – not hundreds spread over 8x2x29 switches…

It could also act as a “library” for creating ‘global’ sound patch combinations - such as “solo” , “chorus” , “Ambient”, “rock”.

Again - using the “ENGAGE PRESET” action would enable them be called FROM ANY BANK such as Song Set Lists etc etc etc.

And it would all be very easy to change - IN ONE PLACE ONLY!!

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