Planning an MC3 / H9 Setup

I’m busily perusing all the YouTube content on how to control the H9 (or anything really) with my MC3, but I am not finding as many videos addressing the meta problem, namely:

How should I think about the setup of the MC3 systemically? In my case I only have an H9 to worry about on this board (the Mc6 + H9 + HxStomp will be at some future date).

To this end, I’ve started planning out my MC3 / H9 design for how to think about the controller. I’m goignt ouse this thread to work out my ideas and solicit input. Hopefully without too much head scratching. I think at this point I can make the MC3 and the H9 do what I want. This thread is about what do I actually want?

So let’s start with the first question: When I’m playing, what do I need to be able to do quickly?

  • Tap Tempo
  • On/Off
  • Perfform
  • Expression Pedaling

When I’m not actively playing, what do I need to be able to do?

  • Find an H9 preset quickly.
  • Get back to “home”.
  • Tune.

I’m hoping this thread will help organize my thinking by forcing me to write it down.

So the first thing to do is design the “HOME” bank for the MC-3. This is the set of all the stuff I need to be staring at when I’m playing.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume for a second that I have all my H9 presets I’m ever gonna use already more or less assigned to program changes. That’s a conversation for the Eventide forums :slight_smile:

Currently I’m thinking something like this:

  • Top C button runs Tuner / long press for bank up to start selecting presets.
  • Left A button runs Tap Tempo / long press for ?
  • Right B button runs performance switch (send 0 on press, send 127 on release). I can’t use long press on B since I need the release behavior for the performance switch (at least on the Leslie settings)

Home bank will be something like this:

As I’ve been working through the programming of my MC3 and my Eventide pair, the basic pattern I’ve settled on is to use the banks to browse and select presets, then have each preset selection also “teleport” back to the “home” bank for that preset type.:

Home Banks:
Main Home (Bank 1): for any preset that fits into needing the 3 functions: TAP, Perform (aka fast/slow) and an EXPR pedal. Almost every preset select also executes a bank jump / teleports back here.

LooperHome (Bank 30): This is the home page for any Looper preset. BankEnter sends the PC to my main Looper patch, but I think that’ll change if I have two lor more looper setups. The three buttons are set as:
A: Record
B: Play/Stop on toggle.
C: Reverse, LP for Empty
I’m still trying to figure out a good way for the looper bank to teleport me back to regular home AND stop and empty the looper. Right now I have BankExit also sending the Empty CC to the looper.

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