Phantom Power to MC6

Hi There, new to MorningStar. Just got a MC6 & ML5 they are great.
Question is can I power the MC6 with Phantom power? If so are there interfaces that provide phantom power I can buy?
I assume the ML5 can’t as it’s only 5 pin. The idea is to keep the MC6 on stage & the effects box at backline. So need the MC 6 to be remote to the pedal board & don’t want to have a dedicated power supply on stage. Any help would be welcome.

In my rig, I phantom power MC-8 from the MIDI IN of RJM RG-16 using a 7pin DIN; RG-16 is powered from a Yankee HS-M12. You need to ensure your DIN pin alignment is correct for your routing scenario. In my case, I purchased a cable with 8 pin DIN connectors…whoops, RG-16 is 7pin. I removed pin 8 from one end and phantom works great.

That said, be aware of potential ground loop if usb and phantom are connected and powering at the same time.

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