Persistent toggles

Not sure if this is more of a feature request or call for setup help, but here goes.

I have a page on my MC8 set to change MIDI routings on my Midihub, so that I control which of my MIDI keyboards controls which synth. This is all good. However, if I then switch to another page, say to change the parameters of a synth or control a looper, and then come back, all the toggles have been reset to their defaults and don’t represent the routing anymore. I have a couple of similar pages with toggle settings which have the same problem.

Now, my request / question is this. Could the MC8 remember the state of toggles when switching between presets? Or is there a way of using the existing software to accomplish something like this in a nicer way?

Sounds like you may be looking for this setting under the Controller Settings:
[SvePstTg] - Remember Preset Toggle States Across Banks
This keeps your toggles where you had them while you switch banks/pages and back.


Wow, I don’t know how I missed that but that’s exactly what I wanted, thanks :smiley:

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I searched high and low for a week when I first found it :laughing:

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