Pedal Engage/Disengage

Is it possible to make it so that when you turn on the pedal, the preset is not turned on?

I rarely use mobius. And when I plug the pedalboard into power, I don’t want to press the A or B button every time to turn off the preset. I want that, when the pedalboard is connected to the power supply, the preset does not turn on in the mobius.

I’m sorry for the taftology I use google translator

I think the only way would be to use the Bank Presets to send a message to turn off your Mobius.

This will send a CC message when the controller boots up and goes to that specific bank. You probably need to turn off the Remember last bank setting, and put this on Bank 1, so the controller always boots up to Bank 1 and sends this message.

You can consider adding a delay message (msg1) that executes once only, if you need to wait for a duration for the Mobius to boot up before sending the CC message.