PC Number Scroll and MCx

So, had an idea, and I’m wondering if it’s doable. Let’s say I have a song setup as it’s own bank:

Bank 10 (Song 1)

Each preset in the bank gives me control over presets, etc. But I have a couple of presets in Bank 10 that bank jump to other banks:

Bank 10 (Song 1): Preset H > Bank 15 (Timeline)

Now, normally from here if I wanted to get back to my previous bank (Song 1) I would just bank jump “to last used bank” and that would suffice.

However, what if I wanted to dive a few banks deep from Song 1, how would I get back?

Bank 10 (Song 1): Preset G > Bank 17 (Favourite Presets): Preset A > Bank 7 (Wet FX Utilities)

In theory, I could use PC Number Scroll to pull up a scroll counter attached to the Mcx controller itself. So I could always return back to the original bank if I wanted to:

Currently, I can’t send program changes to the MC8 internally. However, is this possible for a future update? Does it makes sense to you guys?

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If you’re executing this sequence

Bank 10 (Song 1): Preset G > Bank 17 (Favourite Presets): Preset A > Bank 7 (Wet FX Utilities)

Instead of using PC Number Scroll to get the MC8 to jump back to your Bank 10, is it possible to just use a Bank Jump message in your Bank 7 to get back to Bank 10?

Definitely. However, that defeats the purpose of keeping it abstract and reusable. What if Bank 7 wants to get back to Song 2, 3, or 4? The idea of having a global counter to reference is pretty powerful. This is a way to keep a sort of history of a bank you’d want to return to eventually without hardcoding a bank jump.

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