PC Messages not changing bank on MC6 Pro?

I’m a little baffled. I’ve been using an MC8 in my rig, and just swapped in an MC6 Pro. No other changes (except an added AUX switch, which shouldn’t have any bearing on this issue).

I use this along with a Boss RC600 looper. It was set so that memory (patch) changes on the RC600 triggered a bank change on the MC8 via PC message. Memory (or “song”) 12 would trigger Bank 12 on the MC8. No problems.

It’s not working on the MC6 Pro. I have no idea why?

CC Messages from the MC6 Pro ARE being received by the RC600 and functioning. It’s just the PC bank changes in the other direction…


Replying to myself, but man - this thing is wonky. I don’t know if anyone has experienced issues with their MC6 Pro, but mine is not acting normally.

It randomly changes banks on its own. Sometimes a jump, sometimes it scrolls for a while. All with no user input.

It does not seem to be receiving any MIDI. It sends messages fine, but anything sent TO the MC6 Pro is not processing. If the MIDI Monitor is supposed to show these incoming messages, it shows nothing. PC messages to trigger bank changes are useless. Also, I have one MIDI converter command (to change incoming CC#20 on Ch1 to a Program Change #6 on Channel 5) which does nothing as well.

All stuff that works fine on my MC8. Reconnected and confirmed to still be working, so no; I don’t think it’s cables or connections or any other obvious issue. Firmware is updated. I’m at a loss. My MC6 Pro is … amateur?

Anyone else experience problems like this? Any solutions found? Right now, mine is totally useless and I have to reinstall my MC8 back on my pedalboard.

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