PC messages in MIDI dictionary

I noticed that the dictionary only offers CC messages and openmidi has info about PC messages for many devices but it’s not formatted in the same way as CC messages. Is there a reason for this? I’d like to be able to copy&paste PC messages as easily as I can for CC messages. In fact, I’m more likely to use PC messages than CC messages, so as it is the dictionary has very limited usefulness.

PC messages just recall presets in most MIDI devices so there really isnt a MIDI implementation for them. Its just PC#0 = Preset 1, PC#1 = Preset 2 etc.

Sure, but often actually more complicated than just Preset 1, Preset 2.

Taking two pieces of gear I own as examples, it is useful to know how to switch to Bank B Channel 3 on my Boss Katana and preset 08A Dirty Slap on my Strymon Timeline without having to look up that they are respectively PC#8 and PC#wait-how-do-I-count-this? 16?