PC Message scroll randomly skipping numbers instead of increasing incrementally

Hi Y’all

New Morningstar user still, though not new to MIDI or controllers. I’ve spent enough time to get to know the MC6 MkII pretty well now. I have been searching on the forum for an answer to this issue so maybe someone can fill me in.

I need to PC message scroll on 7 different MIDI channels simultaneously. So I have a couple presets set up to increment or decrease by sending 7 separate PC scroll messages on a single press. This causes the unit to send random up and down increases of about 8 increments, its lessened when I start reducing the amount of messages and works fine with just one message on a single channel.

I have messed with the counters, resetting them several times to no avail. It seems that when I populate almost all of the messages on a preset it interferes with itself? At first I thought it might be something in my board post MC6, but when I set the pedal to monitor the counters they reflect the big incremental leaps as well.

Just in case I tried setting each message to a different counter, no change in behavior. I have mostly used the offline editor, but I tried using the online version just in case. This should work as far as I can tell, but maybe someone will have some insight for me.

(Have Firmware 3.12.6 installed)


Are you using different scroll counters for each of your messages for each MIDI channel?

Just in case you misunderstood how the scroll counters work, each counter is an internal value stored in the controller. So you can increase/decrease this value and then send out a PC message based on this value. If you have sent your MIDI device another PC message of a different value, and then you use this scroll counter to send PC messages again, it will be based off the current counter value in the controller and not the MIDI device’s current preset.

If the issue persists for you, can you share your controller back up file so I can see how you have it set up?

Hi James!

I was not exactly sure how the scroll counters functioned, but that makes total sense to me. I did have them all on separate counters at one point and it still was not functioning but I will try that again and make sure. They might have needed some sort of reset. I will report back about that and if the problem continues I will send you a back up file. Thanks! Appreciate the response

Hey John!

Sorry to drop off there I got super busy (the MC6 is being used plenty) and blanked on this reply. after a few resets I have the MC6 scroll counters all triggering nicely now. I can’t seem to get the number to display correctly no matter which scroll counter I am monitoring but that is no big deal. Pedals with 0 Presets are a pain, but there are lots of them. In case anyone is reading this with my problem, this is the solution described above.

Had a non urgent question why are the scroll counters numbered and then named by letters? anything different about those? Just curious.



Thanks for the update!

Because there are 16 scroll counters we use hexadecimals to reference them. So when using the scroll counter placeholder in the preset names, you just use %EA to display the value of Counter A, instead of using %E11 which takes 1 more character in the name.