PC Heel Down Bug or Behavior?

I have a PC Heel down message programmed , but it is only fired if i go back to helll down position while the long name is shown on the screen, if i happen to rest the pedal in position from above and the long name disappears when i go back to heel down the message is not fired.This is a expected Behavior?


What Morningstar controller are you using and which firmware version?

And suggest posting screenshot of your expression messages to help debug.

I’m sorry for this.
I use MC6 Mk II with firmware 3.9.3.

Your settings look ok to me, can’t explain the behaviour you’re seeing… will need @james to have a look / test I think!

I thought this might be expected behavior.
It’s likely to be a bug.

I moved the post to this category, sorry for the mess.

Hi, @james ,maybe you haven’t seen this post, i think it’s a bug.

It works fine in our tests, but I think there was another user (or is it you?) with issues using it with the Whammy. I think maybe the issue occurs when you move it very fast and use it with the On Engage function.

We’re working on optimising this - I’ve already re-written some code related to this. Can you send us an email to help so I can send you the updated firmware to test on your setup?

Hi James,
I believe in my case that the message that has to be triggered when the pedal goes to the heel down position, only happens if I turn the pedal back before the time the pedal is disengaged, when the name of the expression pedal disappears from the screen.
Anyway follow my email zerenatoluiz@hotmail.com
Thank you