Patch Scroller Mode

@James - [Fearure-Request]

Can you expose the MIDI CHANNEL LIST as a global COUNTER e.g.%MC. (1-16 with wrap) - (used as a message scroll - looping through 1-16 MIDI Channels)
To allow the %MC variable to be used in a Patch Scroller “mode”

This would allow a “universal Patch Scroller” - when used with a “normal” counter for patch numbers.
Or perhaps a NEW global counter variable named “#PN” (0-127)

Four switches used :
three for Patch Number control - and one for selecting the required current Midi Channel.

using counter “%PN” for patch numbers:

[increment %PN]
[Send%PN to %MC]
[decrement %PN]

MIDI CHANNEL: using %MC as Midi Channel
[select %MC] - default to 1.
Loops through 1-16 with wrap.

Most of my MC8 is used for doing this on a large pedalboard - to scroll through patches on many pedals not having screens.

*This concept is very similar to the global “Bank Jump” Mode controller navigation feature.

This would be a game changer feature, and free up such a large amount of space on the controllers.