Patch Cables with ML5

Hey! New Morningstar user here. I picked up an MC8 and a ML5 just last week.

The pancake jack patch leads have proven useless with the ML5 and I wondered if you fine folks have any tips on cables that work well?


I dont have an ML5, but I do have a Disaster Area DPC5 that has rather narrow jack spacing.
If you solder your own cables, the SquarePlug straight plugs fit well. I’ve got about two dozen, with a straight plug on one end, and right angle on the other (pedal) end.
If you’d prefer solderless, I’m partial to George L’s. Bought a kit to make 10 patch cables 20 years ago, and they’re still on my board.

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Thanks for the tip! I guess straight rather than angled jacks are best?

Yep, on my board, with the dpc5, I used straight jacks. I can fit the r/a squareplugs on the top row, but then my cables stick up. My board is flat, no holes/slots, so I couldn’t fit them on the bottom row without raising up an already tall pedal. Might be less of an issue with the ML5, and/or a slotted board.
The straight plugs are pretty compact though…

EBS Cables are very low profile.


Cheers guys! After an hour on the googlewebs I found PedalPatch here in the UK and nabbed one of their solderless kits. Ill report back!

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