Parallel signal

Hi James,

I have one of your ML5 looper. I am trying to setup a parallel effects loop currently. And is adding a RJM mini line mixer to do that.

After my setup I notice I’ve a problem. Let’s say on loop A of the ML5 I put in a delay, once I activated switch A on the ML5, the output has no sound if I don’t connect the return cable back to patch A of ML5. I’m not sure whether if this is call a parallel signal.

Is there any way I can set whereby the “send” output of every loop is sending signal together with the main output? Meaning loop A send and output of ML5 is sending the signal at the same time. So that the output of ML5 is my dry signal and loop A send is my wet signal which is the delay.

I have also attached a diagram for your reference so you can better understand what I mean. Thanx!



What you described requires the signal to be split from Input to Send A and Output, which is what the ML5 does not do. If you want to achieve what you described (sending signal from Send A and Output), you’ll need a signal splitter and connect it to Input and Return A.

Hi James, Thanx for your reply. So does it also means that if I have delay in A and reverb in B, I need to split it into 3 signals too? So that output will be dry signal.