Page 3 Q thru V

dumb question. i searched here and the manual… coming up empty

How does one get to page 3 Presets Q thru V on the pedal? I can do it in the editor, but I must be missing something super simple I’m sure. Bank up, bank down, or toggle page doesn’t seem to get me there.


I use an aux switch for this with great success.

Edit: To address your question, I’m not sure you can actually get Q-V on the screen. Another way to access them is via preset switches A-P, using the Engage Preset function.

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Really wish the MC6 had presets after “L”. It’s be so nice use and aux switch to toggle through pages without needing to use a one of the A through L pest slots.

Not sure if this is what you mean, but you can connect an aux switch to one of the omniports for scrolling through banks/pages.

I’ve had an MC6 a few days, so I could be confused but… I have a three button aux switch. I was hoping to assign its buttons to toggle pages without having to use preset A-F or G-L. It’d be cool if there was a preset XYZ to utilize for this. Still learning…

Try hooking up your aux switch to one of the omniports, then going into Controller Settings in the Editor. There you’ll find a place to assign your omniport to Fixed Switch, I believe.

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Thanks so much for noting! I was able to set up my aux switch to bank up/down and toggle page via the Fixed Switch Custom omniport option. Thanks for helping a new user make sense of this!

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so, that’s interesting, you can reach Q thru V with an aux switch thru an Omniport but they don’t show on the display? So, how do you know which preset you are in while in that range?

Any recommendations on a skinny aux switch?

Is it perhaps more preferable to just move up to the next bank instead of using Q-V?


Depending on what you’re doing, it’s likely you’d be better served jumping to a different bank, especially if you need the screen. I’m using an aux switch on Q-V as sort of global presets - for which I don’t necessarily need visual feedback - to great effect.