Overview of MC8 controlling a Quad Cortex

I did a video overview of how I have set up my MC8 to control my Quad Cortex.


I have the QC since about 6 months and haven’t deep dived into everything. I know that there is a hybrid mode (stomp and presets and or scenes at the same time?). I was very busy with recreating some Zappa Sounds, but anyway now I have ordered the MC6 Pro for controlling my Quad Cortex. So it was interesting to see how you can change from the Morningstar Controller for example easily to Gig View in the Quad Cortex. I have the Quad Cortex almost always in Scene Mode. I wonder if it would be possible to have a stomp box like access to the Quad Cortex via the MC8 or MC6. I mean if I stay with the Quad Cortex in Scene Mode would it be possible to send from the MC8/6 a command to acitvate for example a delay block or a distortion block etc., you know what I mean. This would be pretty awesome. In my case I have the Quad Cortex on my desktop whereas I will use the MC6 Pro as a Foot Controller and it would be nice to be able to change presets via the MC6 Pro on the Quad Cortex which I guess should be rather easy, but I don’t know if it will be equally easy to toggle switch effects on and off.

This is possible as the QC is super fast at reacting to midi. Send a midi message to select the desired programme and set Scene mode. Then, if you want to toggle and effect on, set the MC6 or MC8 to send a ‘stomp mode’ message with the required stomp button midi messages, and add a return to Scene mode message. It’s fast as lightning.

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