Order midi command

hello everyone, my MC6 mkii is really great because I play guitar instead of tweaking and switching. I wanted to know if there really is a standard order for the midi messages because sometimes I have to press the switches twice for my order because on the Walrus when I scroll through the saved presets. the preset is deactivated. thank you very much.

Can you share a screenshot of the editor showing your settings for that preset?

Hi James, thanks a lot here is the screenshot.

You’ve got a mix of Press, Release, Double Tap, Long Press and Message Scroll is On. I suspect Message Scroll is expecting only Press actions, maybe?

Hi, thank you very much, but I haven’t seen any videos explaining when to press and when to release and why especially? I’m sorry, I’m having trouble understanding how the machine works. Thank you very much I will try by testing thank you.

If you turn on Preset Message Scroll then the preset will scroll through each of the message that is mapped with a Release action. It seems like there might be no intention to use the Scroll function so you turn it off.

ok thank you very much i will look into it