Option to see Preset Name rather than Preset Letter?

So, not sure if this has been requested, but it would be great if you could see the preset name associated with any bank preset instead of the preset letter. Much like how you can name midi channels and see the names when selecting a midi channel.

I’ve setup my MC8 much like a lookup table, in that each device (Timeline, BigSky, Gravitas, etc.) has it’s own bank with presets, and then I use a “master preset bank” that selects and engages presets from my chosen devices. After that, I can create setlists and songs that choose presets from the “master preset bank”.

If the “master preset bank” is bank 20, it would be much easier if I could see bank 20 as “Master Presets” when constructing my message, and see my preset names associated to that bank as “Lead, Clean w Trem, LongAmbient, etc.”

Hope that makes sense?

Hi @tyjohnston,

Not sure if I understood 100% correctly: are you referring to the list here on the right? You’re requesting to show the preset names on that dropdown list?

Hey @James, I was referring to the message list here:

Maybe a “Use Bank and Preset Names if Available” toggle in the controller settings? Or a preset from the dropdown would look like “A -> CleanVerb, B -> LeadDelay, …” where the “A, B, C …” reflect the preset letters?

Hi James, congrats on the release of v3.8.1. Is there any chance that we’ll be able to see the preset names inside the the “engage preset” message type? It’s amazing to have more clarity by seeing the preset names in the Preset dropdown in the top right of the editor, but also seeing the bank and preset names when editing message types (Bank Jump, Engage Preset) instead of the just the letter or number would be super helpful!

Thank you!

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