Option for ML5 to power up with some loops in default ON state?

Not sure if this is a programming option via the MC8 and ML5.
I have 3 loops on the ML5 I’d like to have the default ON at power-up and 2 with default OFF.
I understand how to set a PC command to program this with a switch. However, I’d prefer the ML5 to power up in a customized state or have the MC8 be able to issue a PC command to the ML5 every time it powers up. Is this an option at this time or potentially in the future?

Hi. We will be adding a feature that will allow you to do that in the next beta 3.8.0 firmware within the next 24 hours. What you can do is program a Bank Preset to Bank 1 of your MC8 that sends a PC message. So upon entering that bank, a PC message can be sent to the ML5 to engage your desired loop combination. That will also work upon powering up and entering Bank 1. Try it out and let us know how it goes!

Latest 3.8 firmware 2020-12-23 is up now! We just tried it with our MC8 and ML5 and it works great.