Online Editor UI - Bank/Preset Dropdowns

Hey everyone,

I have a question concerning the new way the the “BANK” and “PRESET” selection dropdowns are displayed in Chrome (in my case). Hopefully someone can help me, because I don’t find the best way to use the new design.

I have two MacBooks with different screen resolutions.

One is a 13" MacBook pro with a Retina Display on the max resolution. Here I have the problem, that when I hover over the BANK selection menu, the dropdown appears alway so far down, that I have to grab it anytime and move to screen top to be able to select the BANKS 28, 29 and 30 and then close it again. Even if I scroll the bank selection to the screen top. Find a screenshot attached:

On the other MacBook Air 13" with no Retina it is even worse. Here the dropdown is too big so I can’t even reach any pick points to move it. So my workaround is to disconnect the MC8, navigate to the bank I want to edit on the device itself and then reconnect in the editor…

So my questions:
What am I doing wrong? What can I try, to make it work better?


  • In the case of my Retina Macbook it would be perfect, if the dropdown would appear on screen top always and slightly more to the right. This where I out it to fit the screen perfectly.

  • For the MacBook Air it would need to scale also. Atm no chance to fit and reach all banks.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

EDIT: I know about the zoom features of Chrome. I can make it fit but then it is super small… maybe glasses can help, yes :wink: so still the appearance on screen top would help to not have zoom out too much :slight_smile:

I think currently zooming out is the only option, or increasing your display resolution. I’ll need to check if it is possible to add a pagination or scroll feature

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