One-shot record with CBA Blooper

Any ideas on how to one-shot record the CBA Blooper via an MC6? I don’t see listed a CC message to Hold Switch A currently in the CBA Midi Manual, which I believe is what you’d need to one-shot record on the Blooper, i.e., print Mod A or B to a loop.

Update: it looks like CC#9 may be a placeholder for this functionality. However, it’s not implemented by default. Per this r/Blooper post around summer 2020:

This function was not included on the first batch of Bloopers. You will need a special programmer that we [Chase Bliss] send you in the mail.

I’m not sure what this means, but will explore once I have the time…

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Hi. As mentioned in the reddit thread you shared, you will need to contact Chase Bliss if your Blooper is one of the earlier units and needs the special programmer to be updated.

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Not sure if my model is an earlier Blooper or not but… was able to program CC# 9, value 127 to initiate one-shot recording. Nice!

I wish CBA would include this in their MIDI manual. Unless I’m overlooking it?

BTW, I’m running the new 3.0 Blooper firmware.

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Awesome! Came looking for exactly this answer and couldn’t find it anywhere else. Can always count on the morning star forum :wink:

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