One preset included in another?


(Sorry to open a second new topic the same day…)

I have on my MC8 (in toggle mode - blink ON) :

  • preset A which engage/disengage 4 effects
  • preset B the only engage/disengage 1 effect of those 4.

When I press the A footswitch I would like to see the preset B engage too, but when I press the B footswitch I would not want to see the preset A engaged.
Could I do this ?

I’ve looked the engage preset options, but I’m not sure it goes in this way, isn’t it ?


Using the Set Toggle message type allows you to alter the toggle state of other presets in the bank. This should work for your use case.

For example, if you add this in preset A, when you engage preset A, preset B will be toggled as well:

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oh !!! So simple and perfect ! Thanks !