One button for recal preset and control both reverb and delay


I have the Source Audio Collider and trying to use one button to recall a specific preset and control both a reverb and delay. This is how I done it and it doesn’t work the way I want.

  • Msg 1: release → Control Change
  • Msg 2: release → Control Change
  • Msg 3: Long Press → Control Change
  • Msg 4: Long Press → Control Change

First I used the “Press” state instead of “Release”. But then I read the manual and as understand it release should be used instead.

Everything works great if I select one msg at the time, like this.

  • First press - reverb is engage
  • Second press - reverb is disengage
  • Third a long press - the delay is engage
  • Fouth a long press - the delay is disengage

But if I do this:

  • First press - the reverb is engage
  • Second long press - the delay is engage
  • Third press - the delay is disengage (it should disengage the reverb)
  • Third long press - the reverb is disengage
  • Fourth long press - the delay is disengage

Anyone have an idea how to fix this?

A picture how I set it up.

The short answer is that you can’t make the controller work the way you want. The toggle state for the preset operates on all of the preset’s message types - there’s not a separate toggle state for short-press vs. long-press actions.

That was sad. This way I would have saved a button for each preset on the on the Collider. Let’s hope it will be possible in the future. Thanks for your answer.