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Hello everyone ! First post and new in the Midizone ! First thank you Morningstar Team and Community for every knowledge shared !

Here’s my idea (i dont know if it was already asked or if its possible).
Is there any possibility to have a Preset Action called “Hold” . It will act kinda like a Toggled preset but only when you hold the button. Here’s a example :
I’m on Bank 1 Preset A → position 1 .
When i press and hold Preset A i switch to Position 2 . When releasing Preset A, ii’ll go back to Position 1.

Thank you !

You could probably achieve this with Long Press and Long Press Release.
Be sure the Toggle Mode button at the top is switched off and use Long Press for the first action to perform in Pos1 and Toggle action to change to Pos2
…then a Long Press Release to do any action you want in Pos 2 and another Toggle action to return it to Pos1 when you lift your foot up.

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Hi Jmay !

Yes it could work nicely but i’m looking for Instant change between Posistion1 and Position 2. I’m looking for quick change between position that match with my play, Do you think your method can do the job ?

It depends on what you have the delay time at for Long Press (adjustable in the General settings from 1/10 of a second to 1.5 seconds).
Sometimes I find myself trying to over complicate things with my programming and that might be the case here. Maybe you can find a list of commands to achieve whatever you are wanting to do by staying in Pos1. I am constantly finding more elegant solutions to my commands months down the line as I’m learning.
If you can dream it you can build it with the Morningstar (I want some money if something that cheesy becomes the company slogan. haha)

I agree with you , its working with the long press and release action but it make my programming more complicated. In my workflow , i would love to be able to switch sound in the beat i give to it. I was just suggesting that a Hold action could be interesting in some case and would give Morningstar another action in there pocket !

Thanks for the suggestion!

What kind of message types are you trying to execute with this action? I’m not sure how switch toggle positions between 1&2 will work, as the message can only exist in one toggle position, so you’ll need to program 2 messages (one on each toggle position) to execute with the Hold action? But that will be the same as having a Press and Release message in each toggle position which will take up 2 messages as well.

The only idea for a Hold action I can think of is if the user wants to have the use case of sending a CC message with value 127 when switch is down, and 0 when switch is released. So with a Hold action, we can pack 2 of these messages into 1 message. Basically, hold action will send a pre-set CC value for you, or a pre-set Note action (Note On when pressed, Note off when released). Hope that makes sense

Hello James, this is exactly what i meant ! My ideas is to have a different cc value set on each position , for the same CC number. I think this action can be useful for many case !

Hello again James !
I’ve just saw your vidéo about MIDI CC Waveforms (Awesome video again !!!)
What i’m looking for is exactly the same action you did in the " Whammy pitchshift" part but as an Action !

I stumbled upon this thread looking for how to program hold actions. I have a strymon nightsky that has a “morph” button with 2 values: On (127) and Off (0). It’s used exactly as this thread describes by holding and releasing and I’m having a lot of trouble programming it with the options available in the editor.

At this point it only works every other cycle and I’m not sure why. I’m not sure I’m setting up the toggle function to work and set it back to the original state. Here’s what I’ve got. Do any of you see anything that would be making it not work?

The only thing I see in the activity monitor is that on cycle 1 (press / release) it’s not highlighted and on cycle 2 the actions are highlighted.


I don’t think you need the toggle state messages in there at all. It should be sufficient to just send the ON value with a long press and the OFF value with a long press-release.

Thanks for the reply, that’s what I hoping, but for some reason it only works on every other time that I press and release.

Basically when it shows highlighted in the activity monitor then the effect works as intended, but when it’s not highlighted it doesn’t so I have to press it once in between to get it to work again. It cycles back and forth between the highlighted items.

Not sure how to get it to work. Maybe it’s a bug with this specific pedal?

1st Hold / Release Cycle: Not Working

2nd Hold / Release Cycle: Working

@Nijmegen Hi there. I managed to do what your want by using:

  • Release for the OFF CC message
  • Press for the ON CC message
  • Pos: BOTH for both messages
    (see attached pic)

The trick lies in holding your PRESS (ON) action as long as you need it. As soon as you release the switch, the OFF action is executed and the switch is toggled back.

I hope this helps! Cheers.

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Try changing all the Positions to Both. Also don’t need MSGs 2 or 4.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try this again and let you know. This is how I had it set up the first time, but it was still only working every other time. Which is why I started all these elaborate combinations. I think it may be a specific issue with the pedal.

I just tried it set up like you both mentioned and it still doesn’t work, must be an conflict with this pedal’s function, which is a bummer.

Here’s my setup:

In the activity monitor it’s not working on the first press/hold

Then it is working on every other press/hold

Oh, sorry, @Nijmegen, I missed that in your first posts.
Well, what can I say? It is weird because the most basic logic says that when you press the switch the first message is sent and the second message only gets sent when you release the switch (if Toggle mode is OFF, as in your case)
And it works fine for me. I don’t see what could be wrong.

This may be something for @james to take a look.

Good luck!

Works fine for me as well. These are my settings:

What firmware version is your controller using?

Thanks so much @LuisLugo, I really appreciate the suggestion.

@james Thanks for the reply, I’ve got the setup exactly as you have shown. I’m using firmware 3.9.7. The first thing I did was update the unit when I got it.

I’m controlling 2 pedals with it at the moment and one of them handles this function as expected. It’s an infinite button and it seems to work fine, but the morph specifically on the strymon nightsky only works every other cycle. I’m not sure if anyone else on here has one on their board to confirm.

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@james @LuisLugo Hey guys, thanks again for your help with this. I figured it out. Instead of CC#36 (morph) I need to send CC#80 (Footswitch On) and it works every time now. For whatever reason CC36 only works every other cycle.

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You should probably report that behavior to Strymon; a brief look at the manual suggests that the unit should not be expected to behave that way.

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