"On First Engage" not triggered when the preset is called remotely

I noticed that the “On First Engage” action type is not called when it’s called remotely, e.g. using the “Engage Preset” message type or when using MIDI to engage a preset on the MC 6.

I’m using editor version 1.3.0 and firmware 3.10.1.

What I’m trying to achieve is to mute my HX Stomp automatically when I’m playing synth (to avoid feedback noises on the guitar). As soon as I switch to synth my foot is on the damper pedal (which sends CC message 64). The MC6’s MIDI message converts this - before input - to a program change that engages a specific preset. On first engage the HX Stomp should receive CC 68 which toggles its tuner screen (and mutes the output) and tuner mode should only be disabled whenever I physically perform a press on that same preset.

I think by now I’ve tried every possible permutation of possibilities but it seems the culprit of this configuration not working is the On First Engage action not responding properly.

Could this be a bug or is this expected behaviour?

Does the v3.10.2 firmware resolve your issue?

Hi James, alas it doesn’t resolve my issue.

What it does resolve is that “On First Engage” is called when sending from an external MIDI source (I tested with Ableton Live) but it doesn’t solve “On First Engage” being triggered when called using “Engage Preset”. I would assume that all “Engage” actions apply to “On First Engage”.

Also, as a rather unfortunate side-effect my trying all different sorts of combinations to make my requirement work my MC6 is now pretty much bricked, it no longer boots past the start screen (where the firmware version is shown). Is there any way to fully reset the device? I can’t connect to the device from the editor either.

Here’s the reset how to. Firmware Upload Failure

I’ve had to use it before when I flashed an MC8 fw by mistake…. For me, I didn’t lose any presets etc.

Do you mean the firmware version is shown, but it just gets stuck there? Is there anything connected to the omniports? Can you try removing the cables and see if it resolves the issue?

If you hold down Switch D before powering up, you should be able to get to the General Config menu where you can do a factory reset.

Ah yes, the Engage Preset does not trigger the On First Engage actions. It was designed to just allow users to engage to engage a batch of messages from another preset.

And because this is using a preset to engage another preset, the former preset will always be the last engaged preset (because the message execution ends with this) so that means if we were to implement this with the Engage Preset message type, then everytime you engage another preset with the Engage Preset message, logically, the On First Engage and On Disengage will always trigger on the preset.

Hope that makes sense.

Anyway, we’ll need to update the firmware to add the newly added actions to the Engage Preset message type as well.

Hi, thanks for the the link! Now, what’s weird about my issue is that I can still upload firmware without a problem, despite the MC6 not booting past the startup screen (where the firmware version is displayed). So I’m thinking there must be a problem with one of the presets when they’re loading.

Hi James, thanks for taking the time to follow up on my issue.

Indeed, the firmware version is shown, and it gets stuck there. Connections to the omniports are unplugged.

I tried your suggested routine where you hold down Switch D before powering up but the pedal doesn’t get to the General Config menu, it remains stuck at the firmware version display. I’m thinking there might be a problem with loading one of my presets, but I can’t reset them or restore a previous version at the moment.

I think it makes sense that “On First Engage” and “On Disengage” always trigger when a preset is engaged, regardless of how it’s called. It might depend on the use case, but I think it would be the most consistent approach?

Wrong preset preventing load sounds feasible. Have you got a backup of the controller? If so load it in setlist manager to (hopefully) check and locate bad preset?

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Hmm, I do have a backup, but not with the possibly offending preset in it. But I’m not sure if there’s something I can do if I know which preset is causing trouble when the controller itself can’t be accessed?

Thanks for thinking along!

Well, true enough actually! Hmm. I’m stuck for suggestions now…

Can you drop us an email (help@morningstarfx.com) regarding this? I’m not sure what might be causing this issue, but I can send you a firmware that does a factory reset, and then you can proceed to load the regular firmware.

I don’t think we can change current logic now because it will potentially break the workflow of other users. We can explore a separate setting for this in future updates.

Thanks for you help though! I’m actually really amazed about how quick and helpful the support on this forum is. And as a bonus users can learn from other user’s issues.


I fully understand. Also, if I’m the only user that prefers this very workflow I’m not going to complain :-). I’ll find a way, the MC6 is already flexible enough to offer a myriad of options.

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The “bricked” MC6 was fixed thanks to James’ full reset firmware version.