On Disengage triggered when using 'Toggle Page' action

I am having an interesting issue with an ‘On Disengage’ action getting triggered when using ‘Toggle Page’ action.

Device: MC8

On the first page, I have a few presets linked together so only one is active at a time. When i activate any of the presets, it will dis-engage the others and invoke their ‘On Disengage’ actions to turn off the pedals.

Next thing to note is that I use one of the preset slots to toggle between the two pages of the bank. I find for me personally pressing both switch B and C to toggle pages not as reliable.

When I change to Page 2, the ‘On Disengage’ actions are performed on the active preset on Page 1. I can see this by the midi connected pedal turning off instead of staying on. When i switch back to Page 1, the active preset is still blinking and active… now the MC8 and the associated pedal are out of sync… not ideal.

Some other things I’ve tried:
If i use the B-C double press, I can switch pages no problem, the ‘On Disengage’ actions do not trigger.
If i use the button on the Morningstar editor to change pages, no issues with that either.

It appears to ONLY happen when using the ‘Toggle Page’ action.

Also, I have noticed, changing banks with a ‘Bank Jump’ action will also cause this to happen, but will not happen if using the A-B or C-D double presses. Actually, even using the double presses to change presets, the MC8 will remember the toggle state but not the On Disengage state so things will still be out of whack. That might need to be the topic of another bug report…

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi! What firmware are you running? I note that v3.10.2 “Fixed on Engage and on Disengagepreset events when engaging Presets with CC messages” - that might be relevant?

Also suggest exporting the bank as a json file and attaching it here?

But for sure: I’d agree that “on disengage” actions shouldn’t trigger just because you’ve changed a page, could well be a bug I guess!

@moley6knipe Thanks for the reply! I am running the latest v3.11.1. I also attached the json file.
bank_in_question.json (1.3 KB)

I think the problem is that ‘on disengage’ triggers every time you press another switch regardless of what you’ve programmed to it. A workaround could be to programm the ‘off’ commands of all other pedals to every preset and manage the toggle states of those presets with a ‘set toggle’ message

@GuitarWolf Thanks for the reply.

I believe you are correct. I just put together a test bank, test_bank_02.json (1.3 KB), to confirm this and it doesn’t matter what button is pressed, they all will run the disengage action… Very unfortunate.

I see this to be unintuitive since the button it’s self is still blinking and active after the ‘On Disengage’ action was triggered… I think at the very least, the button should go back to pos 1 to make it obvious this is the case.

If the ‘On Disengage’ action was only activated when I clear it with a ‘set toggle’ action, that would provide much better functionality imo.

If the workaround you have provided is what I’ve already tried to do, it involves a lot of customization per bank. I was hoping to find a way to keep each preset self-contained and i could just drop it into any bank and have it work on the spot without having to modify the other presets to make it work.

I’ve also gone down the rabbit hole of having a bank just for variable switching, using the ‘Engage Preset’ action, to try and keep things synced but long term it just becomes too complex for me to maintain.

The logic for the on engage/disengage is this:
There is an “active” preset at any one time, which is the last engaged preset. When you entered another preset (and thus becomes the current active preset), the previous active preset will be disengaged which will trigger the on disengage action).

How are you triggering the page toggle function? Is it via another preset? That is likely the case of the disengage function is triggering.

Hi @james thank you for your time,

I appreciate the explanation of the logic, that does make more sense why what is happening is happening. I am triggering the page toggle function via another preset so that explains why.

I guess after all of this, my bug would be considered a feature request. I would like to have an arbitrary number of switches, say the first 8 switches in a preset, to toggle each other on and off by using the ‘On Disengage’, but the rest of the switches can be used for triggering computer/DAW things like backtracks or other stuff without interfering with the first page.

I understand there are other ways to do it… I just stumbled on the ‘On Disengage’ action and was hoping it was linked to the ‘Set Toggle’ action instead of switching presets which would have simplified my setup drastically.

Might not be an option, but can you add an external switch to an omniport and hand off page toggling functions to that? That way page toggle wouldn’t be preset based.

@moley6knipe Unfortunately that was the way I had it set up initially when I started having issues. I guess it is affected via all presets on both pages including hidden presets.

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