Omniport Midi TRS Cable to ML5 (Adapter from 3,5 to 6,3?)


my current plan is to control the ML5 through one Omniport of my MC8, since i want the din midi for my strymons and be able to send them SysEx messages for Nixie.

My questions seems simple but i actually havent found an answer yet.
If i buy a Din Midi to TRS cable like e.g. the one from Morningstarshop, its still a TRS 3,5mm cinch cable.
Since the Omniports from the MC8 are 6,3mm TRS jacks , can i use a regular adapter from 3,5 to 6,3 mm?

should it work with this cable? its type A and i think james said you need a type a or b wiring to make it work.

and should this adapter work?

Hi, this would work. And since the omniports can be configured to fit the type of midi cable you got (unless it is an audio cable) it actually doesn’t matter if you use a type a or type b. On a side note there are 5 pin to 6.3 trs cable available at Thomann. If you can I’d recommend to solder one yourself. I like one control 5 pins to angled trs. Very low profile.

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