Omniport issues!

Hi all,
I can operate my Marshall DSL40CR via the omniports using PC & CC without any issues at all. I also successfully operate my Eventide H90 thru to a Source Audio EQ2 via the Mini TRS connection. However I cannot get my TC Helicon Perform VK or my Roland SPD SX to work unless I use the DIN connector. Even connecting the DIN to a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru (1 DIN in, 4 DIN out) I can get the devices to work fine, just not with the Omniports? I have all of my MIDI TRS cables wired perfectly. I’ve tested every possible scenario…
What Gives?

There are some identified pedals that the Omniports don’t work well with.

From the manual: MC6 PRO User Manual

Okay, thanks.

That’s a shame.

For reference, the Standard TRS midi out works perfectly with Jackson Audio pedals and the MC8. Not that it helps with the MC6 Pro.

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